Shaping a DEI Culture: Slasify’s Mission and Practices

In today’s business landscape, diversity and inclusivity are no longer mere clichés but are gradually becoming crucial indicators of company development. Carlos, the founder of Slasify, is committed to actively promoting these values from the inception of the company. Through the organizational culture he has cultivated, he aims to convey these principles to society.

Cultivating a Culture of Diversity and Inclusivity

“Before the term DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) emerged, we had already been practicing these concepts because when we founded the company, our goal was to create an organization and culture that was relatively equal, diverse, and more inclusive,” Carlos explained the company’s original intent during its inception.

Carlos believes that addressing colleagues rather than employees, eliminating a sense of hierarchy, and adopting a zero-tolerance approach towards discrimination and harassment are essential elements in building a truly diverse and inclusive culture. He emphasizes the consistent principle of the company: “There is no concept of hierarchy in our company, only differences in responsibilities.”

In his view, building such a culture is not just a concept but a transmission of influence. He stated, “We hope to influence our clients and partners through this culture, and ultimately, impact society as a whole.”

Slasify’s Recruitment Principles

Slasify’s recruitment principles have always prioritized equality and privacy. Carlos states that during the hiring process, the focus should be on whether the candidate meets the job requirements and fits into the company culture. The company does not require employees to provide personal information unrelated to work, such as photos or birthdays. There is also a strong emphasis on zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment, with strict prohibitions on asking personal privacy questions, such as age or marital status. The remote work model also accommodates employees working from home, making it convenient for childcare. As a family-friendly organization, Slasify strongly opposes discrimination against women due to childbirth and welcomes parents to join. Additionally, the company is committed to providing more opportunities for disadvantaged groups, striving to create an equal employment environment.

How does Slasify promote DEI internally?

Carlos highlighted a series of actions the company has taken to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Regular company-wide meetings, including anonymous question sessions, are held to encourage colleagues to raise any questions, with a commitment to providing open answers. Moreover, the internal communication and grievance mechanisms are well-established, allowing everyone to easily connect with the person they want to communicate with, respecting various perspectives and ideas.

Carlos shared Do’s and Don’ts for managing remote teams company-wide. Internal communication channels promote team members’ free sharing of opinions and ideas, creating an open atmosphere that includes the concept of “There’s No Bad Idea.” Carlos emphasized the value of motivating employees to express their ideas and the importance of this cultural creation in achieving DEI goals.

In addition, the company is dedicated to providing various employee benefits, not limited to financial aspects but also focusing on physical and mental well-being.

Challenges and Opportunities

However, building a diverse team always comes with challenges in management, but Carlos maintains an optimistic outlook on the overall benefits brought about by this management style. He believes that the convenience and advantages of building a diverse team are evident. In the Chinese community, due to the long-standing corporate culture, these new concepts may initially cause confusion and doubts. Initially, there might be questions about the practical benefits of these changes to the company, and some may even think they will only bring additional burdens and management challenges. However, Carlos believes that if you look at the bigger picture, these concepts actually reduce the overall team management costs.

He listed some potential benefits, such as extremely low employee turnover rates. Carlos emphasized that the additional costs brought about by employee turnover may not be significant for the company but are certainly a burden. He also mentioned that despite being a remote team, the cohesion within the team remains strong.

The Slasify team gathered last November 2023, participating in the Shanghai Expo (left) and the Lisbon Web Summit (right).

For this cultural shift, he believes that there needs to be a mindset shift during the transition. As a manager, trust must be established within the team, old thought patterns must be discarded, and the original intent must be maintained.

In response to the recent trends in ESG and DEI, and the increasing importance of corporate social responsibility for global companies, Slasify has continued to initiate initiatives joined with “World Learning”, “Cheers Happy Workers”, WTW Willis Towers Watson and and 200+ alliance partners to officially join “TALENT, in Taiwan, Taiwan Talent Sustainability Action Alliance”. This joint effort aims to establish a hope project for talent cultivation, fostering a better future for every worker.

Slasify’s vision goes beyond creating a set of values within the company; it apires to influence the entire society with these principles. Our work and efforts are geared towards establishing this new culture in the business world, making diversity and inclusivity essential pillars for business development.

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