Operating overseas: Analyzing how companies deal with overseas personnel risks

BackgroundRecently, Slasify hosted a valuable session for companies on managing overseas human resources issues at the 2024 Human Resources Cloud Carnival, organized by HREC. The session, themed “Overseas Business: Analyzing How Companies Deal with Overseas Human Resources Risks,” aimed to offer actionable insights for companies’ 2024 organizational development plans. This guidance is intended to help […]


Shaping a DEI Culture: Slasify’s Mission and Practices

In today’s business landscape, diversity and inclusivity are no longer mere clichés but are gradually becoming crucial indicators of company development. Carlos, the founder of Slasify, is committed to actively promoting these values from the inception of the company. Through the organizational culture he has cultivated, he aims to convey these principles to society. Cultivating […]


Deploying your team working remotely in Singapore, what are the benefits? Why choose Singapore?

Before establishing your business and team in Singapore, let’s hear what Singaporeans have to say!  According to Ms. Lau, an employee of a prestigious accounting firm, the concept of remote work has been warmly embraced by Singaporeans. When the pandemic initially struck, they swiftly adjusted to the work-from-home model and soon realized the multitude of […]

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A Global Payroll Provider: One of the Essential Tools for Global Remote Teams

To help global remote teams navigate this challenge, it is important to have a reliable global payroll provider service as part of your toolkit. This type of service can help you accurately and efficiently pay your team members in their local currency, while also ensuring compliance with local tax laws and employment regulations.

Here are some key features to look for in a global payroll provider service:

Borderless Workplace - a podcast

Getting Familiar with The Greater China’s Working Culture

In this episode, Alan will also provide tips and strategies for companies looking to build effective remote teams and expand their operations overseas. This is an opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional in the field and gain valuable insights on how to navigate the current job market in the face of remote work and globalization.

Borderless Workplace - a podcast

Transforming Workplace and Cultivating Digitally-Enabled Talents

Discover remote teams and the future trends of remote work and the digital nomads landscape in Bali with Lavinia Iosub. Lavinia Iosub who is the co-founder of Livit Hub Bali, a digital and physical hub for entrepreneurs, startups and remote workers headquartered in Bali, Indonesia. Lavinia is a global entrepreneur with extensive experience across 4 continents, 40+ countries, and multiple industries. Lavinia is a future of work enthusiast who splits her time between Bali and other locations as a digital nomad.

Borderless Workplace - a podcast

Powering Global Remote Team Through Employment Compliance

Discover the key to successful global talent acquisition through employment compliance and global payroll. Tune in as Slasify’s senior management team, Austin, Jasmine, and Zac, share their expertise on building a thriving global remote team. Gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of employment compliance and how Slasify is leading the way in simplifying the […]


Women’s Day Interview Exclusive ft. Carol Chen, CEO of Mediterranean food brand MiVida: Women in Entrepreneurship, Motherhood, and Remote Working.

Carol Chen, from Taiwan, runs the Facebook fan album of 100,000 followers named “凱若 MiVida Carol” or directly translated to “My Life by Carol”. Nineteen years ago, she wanted to spend more time with her children and give them a better life. She started her own business at home and became an entrepreneurial mother. It’s been eight years she is relocated to Europe. Now, Carol lives in Spain with her husband, daughter and son, and is ready to publish her fifth book, meanwhile being the CEO of a Food and lifestyle brand”MiVida”.


Women’s Day Interview Exclusive Ft. Shu-Qiao Chen, Account Manager at Pinterest: Woman in Tech and Unicorn

Having joined the company during the pandemic, up to this day, Shu-Qiao has not once conduct the work at the office. Shu-Qiao also shared that she went through all of the onboarding process and initial training online. “Everything was done remotely, including signing the legal paperwork to proceed with my employment and the first month of initial training.”


Women’s Day Interview Exclusive ft. Sherry Lee, Brand Manager of KXE Design: Woman in Leadership, Remote Collaboration, and Working-Life Balance

Currently, Sherry is working for a German e-commerce team which she always refers to as a Blackforrest company. Ever since day one, the company has been providing the option to work remotely while keeping teammembers connected through establishing rutines and virtual communication. In spite of the distance and time difference, Sherry has been able to stay close enough to all of the business stakeholders to make critical decisions and keep projects running smoothly.


Women’s Day Interview Exclusive ft. Elsa, founder of Woomanpower: Infinite Possibilities for Connecting Women, Remote Work, and Online Learning

Woomanpower – Women’s Power Academy, lead by Sherry, who has a background of senior headhunting consultants, and Elsa who is also an author of “Give up 22k, jump in Singapore!”. These two women co-founded an online academy exclusively for women. The academy was officially launched in 2021.