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Women’s Day Interview Exclusive ft. Carol Chen, CEO of Mediterranean food brand MiVida: Women in Entrepreneurship, Motherhood, and Remote Working.

Carol Chen, from Taiwan, runs the Facebook fan album of 100,000 followers named “凱若 MiVida Carol” or directly translated to “My Life by Carol”. Nineteen years ago, she wanted to spend more time with her children and give them a better life. She started her own business at home and became an entrepreneurial mother. It’s […]


Women’s Day Interview Exclusive Ft. Shu-Qiao Chen, Account Manager at Pinterest: Woman in Tech and Unicorn

Shu-Qiao Chen is a Taiwanese living in Ireland. Shu-Qiao graduated with a master’s degree in Digital Marketing from Dublin City University in Ireland in 2020. She is currently part of the Pinterest Dublin team as an account manager. Shu-Qiao has been joining the team for almost a year now. In this interview, we will learn […]


Women’s Day Interview Exclusive ft. Sherry Lee, Brand Manager of KXE Design: Woman in Leadership, Remote Collaboration, and Working-Life Balance

When asked about how she feels to be a woman in leadership, Sherry chooses to reflect upon herself to answer. “I personally barely count the fact my feminine side as a woman will attribute anything negative to my professional life. Most of the time, I just look into myself and assess what I am still missing and can be improved. I look up to both my male and female colleagues and identify what are their positive traits and skills that can inspire me to be at their level. But I don’t count any attributes within them such as their gender or anything really. In general, I am just working to improve myself to be a better leader and professional.”


Women’s Day Interview Exclusive ft. Elsa, founder of Woomanpower: Infinite Possibilities for Connecting Women, Remote Work, and Online Learning

Woomanpower – Women’s Power Academy, lead by Sherry, who has a background of senior headhunting consultants, and Elsa who is also an author of “Give up 22k, jump in Singapore!”. These two women co-founded an online academy exclusively for women. The academy was officially launched in 2021. During the enrollment period of less than four […]