Employer Contribution in Japan

The Land of the Rising Sun, renowned for its rich culture and technological advancements, has disciplined employers fulfilling their obligations through various social security contributions. These contributions help fund a multitude of social protection schemes, including Health insurance, Long-term Care insurance, Welfare Pension insurance, and Child Allowance premiums, among other things. Calculated based on the […]


Employer Contribution in the Philippines

In the Philippines, also known as the Pearl of the Orient Seas, employers prioritize the well-being of their employees. They fulfill their obligations by contributing to the Social Security System (SSS), Philippines Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC), and Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-IBIG). Contributions to the SSS encompassing regular SS, the Mandatory Provident Fund (WISP) and […]


Employer Contribution in Vietnam

A vibrant country nestled in Southeast Asia, Vietnam boasts a rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and a rapidly evolving economy. With its robust market potential and favorable business environment, the Land of the Blue Dragon has become an enticing destination for companies looking to expand their operations. To successfully navigate Vietnam’s business landscape, it is […]


Employer Contribution in Indonesia

Indonesia, a vibrant archipelago situated in Southeast Asia, encompasses a diverse cultural heritage, stunning natural landscapes, and a rapidly emerging market economy. As the world’s fourth most populous nation and the largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has prioritized enhancing its business climate through progressive economic reforms, fostering investment opportunities, and attracting multinational corporations for […]


Singapore Hiring Compliance Simplified: A Comprehensive Overview

Learn how to maintain compliance with Singapore’s CPF regulations regarding CPF contributions, rates, and guidelines. Discover the benefits of HR and payroll software solutions in Singapore to streamline CPF compliance processes. Find out more about CPF contribution calculators and HR software options. Ensure accurate deductions and contributions while simplifying CPF compliance for your organization.

Employer Contribution

Employer Contribution in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a major hub for international trade and finance, with a large port and airport, and a major financial center. It is also home to a number of major multinational corporations, and is a center for business services, such as accounting, consulting, and legal services.

However, when consider expanding to Hong Kong, there are a few local labor regulations that you need to pay attention to when hiring in Hong Kong. Aside from monthly salaries, employers in Hong Kong need to contribute to the Mandatory Provident Funds of their employees according to the local labor law.