Digital Culture

Building Remote Collaboration Ecosystem for Remote Team

Over the last few years, new market explored has created many new job demands in digital services such as programming, web development, digital design, social media, data analytics, etc., along with the health concerted and the business operation cost related to the prolonged pandemic circumstances, switches business operation using the internet and digital platform became the mandatory effective method. It’s quickly turned into trends in 2020 until this day. Business needs and demands vary among the industries, but the core features boiled down to the following four points:

Global Trends

Crypto as a salary? Why some labor laws agree while others do not

It is beyond question that Cryptocurrency is really catching our eyes these recent years. It has a lot of potential and benefits to fit the 4.0 digital transformation. But employers need to keep in mind that to become utilize cryptocurrency as a payroll, they need to master the knowledge about the trade market, the cryptocurrency’s conversion value, trading procedures, wallet policies and securities, and most importantly labor legal law. Apart from the issues mentioned above, the potential risks, the data security, and its volatility are the essential matters when dealing with cryptocurrency.


Employment Risk Management Playbook for Global Team

What is employment risk, and what are those risks? Employment risk applies to both employees and employers when legal employment is formed. Whether it is a blue-collar or white-collar job, every job comes with a risk. By definition, employment risk is a risk that is inherent in an employee’s job or work site. This is where employers come in to provide employees with insurance and other perks to ensure the employees’ well-being. While employee risk management includes ensuring both mental and physical wellbeing, protecting employees’ labor rights, and preventing any of those rights to be violated by the employer are also included as part of the employees’ risk to manage. 

Global Trends

How to Identify and Avoid Job Scams

Job scammers, or can be identified with a more professional term is “Cyber criminals”, appear when they trick victims to believe they are doing a dream job that resolves the victim’s difficult situation. This matter has happened for a long time yet modern technology made the scam more delicate and lucrative. They can disguise themselves as legitimate employers, fake a company website, and create fake job recruiting on online job platforms that have high user traffic rates. A victim of the job scam can face the following situations as consequences: