Expanding to Southeast Asia: Why It Makes Sense and How to Achieve It

In today’s globalized economy, companies are increasingly looking beyond their borders for growth opportunities and talent acquisition. Southeast Asia (SEA) has emerged as a hotspot for businesses seeking to expand their operations and tap into a diverse pool of skilled professionals. With its dynamic economies, youthful workforce, and increasing digital adoption, SEA presents a compelling […]


German Employment Regulations and Implementation Practices

Recently, Slasify was invited to speak at an online webinar organized by HiredChina about hiring in Germany. During the event, Slasify delivered an insightful presentation for companies interested in hiring in Germany. The session covered essential information on employment regulations and compliance requirements that need to be addressed before hiring in Germany. Additionally, it highlighted […]

Asia Updates

Navigating Japan’s Social Contribution Rates Update: A Guide for Businesses

As a leader in the global HR landscape, Slasify is committed to keeping you ahead of important legislative changes that impact your business operations. This April 2024, Japan is set to introduce pivotal adjustments to its social contribution rates, alongside significant amendments to the Labor Standards Act, effective from 1 April this year. These moves […]


Operating overseas: Analyzing how companies deal with overseas personnel risks

BackgroundRecently, Slasify hosted a valuable session for companies on managing overseas human resources issues at the 2024 Human Resources Cloud Carnival, organized by HREC. The session, themed “Overseas Business: Analyzing How Companies Deal with Overseas Human Resources Risks,” aimed to offer actionable insights for companies’ 2024 organizational development plans. This guidance is intended to help […]


Employer Contribution in Indonesia

Indonesia, a vibrant archipelago situated in Southeast Asia, encompasses a diverse cultural heritage, stunning natural landscapes, and a rapidly emerging market economy. As the world’s fourth most populous nation and the largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has prioritized enhancing its business climate through progressive economic reforms, fostering investment opportunities, and attracting multinational corporations for […]


Understanding the Differences Between Global Payroll and Employer of Record Services

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, numerous businesses are actively expanding their operations across borders, driven by the desire to explore untapped markets and access diverse talent pools. However, the management of a global workforce presents intricate challenges, particularly in the areas of payroll management and compliance with local labor laws. To navigate these complexities, many […]


The Top Challenges of Managing a Global Workforce and How Slasify Can Help

In today’s interconnected world, where businesses are constantly seeking new opportunities and growth avenues, the concept of a global workforce has become increasingly prevalent. Expanding operations across borders brings immense potential for tapping into diverse talent pools and accessing new markets. However, along with these opportunities come significant challenges that businesses must navigate to ensure […]


How Employer of Record Services Can Simplify Expansion into Singapore

Expanding a business into new markets, particularly in foreign territories, poses a multitude of challenges. Each country has its unique regulations, employment laws, and cultural nuances, making the process complex and time-consuming. Singapore, a thriving business hub in Southeast Asia, is no exception. However, businesses can simplify their expansion into Singapore significantly by capitalizing on […]