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Mitigate Quiet Quitting with Cross-Border Hiring

One of the top reasons why employees quiet quitting is that they are experiencing burnout. A survey conducted by Resume Builder discovered that among 10 quiet quitters, up to 8 people reported feeling burned out. Burnouts are not a situation to be taken lightly. It is the root cause of disengagement and demotivation of employees. Employees’ psychological withdrawal (quiet quitting) is as harmful, if not more, harmful to the business as physical withdrawal (resigning). 

With the recent trend of working-life balance, many employees have put importance on designing their work around their life and not the other way around. Encouraging more businesses to give employees all the more attractive perks, especially the opportunity of flexible working style. However, the quiet quitting phenomena might have put an end to remote working culture. 

It’s not surprising how quiet quitting might affect managers’ trust in flexible working culture. Businesses have started to demand their employees to come back to the office for the fear of employees slacking off quietly at their home office. With burnout as one of the main contributions to quiet quitting, is asking employees working from the office a wise decision to mitigate the risks of quiet quitting?

Why Remote Working is Here to Stay

The office landscape after the pandemic might not be the same. The pandemic allows us to fully utilize technology to give employees the freedom to work outside the office. For employees, this means reduced time and gas spent commuting, awkward lunches, and more. Not to mention, the working from anywhere policy allows employees to work where they can work; be it in their hometown or the countryside where the living cost is lower in comparison to the commercial area. Despite all this flexibility given to the employees, Owl labs report that 83% of the employees said that their productivity level remains the same or higher than working in the office.

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With a balanced work life, a decrease in turnover and quiet quitters can be expected. When remote working is being practiced company-wide, it is easier for businesses to go global at scale through cross-border hiring. Companies can expand their talent pools beyond the border and have recruitment advantages over their competitors. Crossborder hiring allows organizations to reach talent in different socioeconomic, geographic, and cultural backgrounds. This also responds to the goal to improve the inclusivity and diversity of most companies.

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Hiring talents from different locations in the world allows businesses to operate in different time zones, making it technically available 24 hours a through asynchronous work. Asynchronous work not only allows businesses to operate more efficiently but also gives additional flexibility to employees. Async work promotes autonomy work, empowering employees to take control over their work and their environment, and also providing support rather than micromanaging. Therefore even if team members are working in different time zones, everyone can work harmoniously and maintain the workflow. 

There are plenty of opportunities within remote working that should not be abused by the quiet quitting movement. The benefits of remote working instead are that can support employers and employees to achieve a working-life balance without jeopardizing productivity or profitability. If you are a remote-first business ready to expand overseas, connect with our experts to start your journey in building a global team.

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