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Emojis are Cancelled in Workplaces

Are you working remotely and communicating with messaging apps like Slack? Emojis are often used for a quick reply and to acknowledge someone without writing a long message. People often use emojis to inject humor into their digital conversations because they are informal, personable, and easy to use. It provides a reaction when texting someone who can’t see your body language. Since emojis can be interpreted in more than one way, they often send the wrong message. 

Why are Gen-Z already canceling emojis? 

The thumbs-up emoji has become less and less popular among the Gen-Z community. Particularly when used at work, the perfectly fine emoji can be perceived as rude and hostile. It’s also called ”passive-aggressive” and “hostile”. However, the thumbs-up emoji is not the only perfectly fine emoji that is considered “inappropriate” to be used in a workplace setting. There are also a number of emojis that Gen-Z thinks make someone look ‘old’ or ‘cold’. Here is a list of emojis that have been branded ‘uncool’ by a survey of 2,000 people conducted by Perspectus Global

  1. Thumbs up 👍
  2. Red heart ❤️
  3. “OK” hand 👌
  4. Checkmark ✅
  5. Poo 💩
  6. Loud crying face 😭
  7. Monkey covering eyes 🙈
  8. Clapping hands 👏
  9. Lipstick kiss mark 💋
  10. Grimacing face 😬

Should we worry about canceled emojis? 

There’s nothing wrong with using emojis to communicate with your colleagues at work, especially if you don’t have the time to keep track of the canceled emojis. There are no hidden meanings or implications in emojis, which saves time and makes communication easier. It also adds warmth and makes communication friendlier when communicating mainly through text. 

It is still possible for some to consider the use of emojis in the workplace as rude, and they find the ease of understanding a typed message to be much greater. However, it’s unlikely that emojis will completely disappear from the workplace as two-thirds of global emoji users (66%) enjoy it when their colleagues use emojis during work communication, according to Adobe’s 2021 Global Emoji Trend Report

Using emojis at work

Using emojis in the workplace makes work more fun. They add a personal approach and build relationships among colleagues. Emojis are considered honest expressions by colleagues, so they help build connections between them. Always use the proper emoji for the context to avoid any misunderstandings. In spite of the fact that emojis might be appropriate at the moment, they don’t always work as intended. You need to note that not all emojis are universal and they might make you seem less competent. 

Emojis do not all represent the same thing. When you find something funny, a streaming tear emoji: 😭 , might be interpreted as you being upset. It can lead to confusion and disconnect between correspondents. If you are communicating with someone of a different age group, emojis will convey a different message. You should only use it if you know your co-workers are frequently using it. 

Future communication with emojis

Emojis are the future of workplace communication and are here to stay. The older generation may take some time to understand and accept them, but with the increased use of emojis in workplace communication, they will eventually cave into using them. Organizations are also creating innovative ways to use emojis to be used in electronic messaging to aid in productive and diverse workplace communication. Communication channels will continue to evolve into more real-life-like modes of communication as we move into the future of work. 

Slasify embraces a remote working environment and uses emojis to communicate among colleagues. Emojis should not be abused by people canceling them. When used appropriately in the right context, emojis can be light-hearted and bring life into the workplace. 

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Author: Juzantino Junadi

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