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Exploring Workcations to Foster Global Remote Teams

As remote work becomes a norm, workers are increasingly looking for ways to combine work and travel. One trend that has emerged in recent years is the “workcation” – a combination of “work” and “vacation” that allows remote teams to work from a different location while also enjoying a change of scenery.

A workcation can take many forms, from a week-long trip to a different country to a weekend getaway to a nearby city. The key is that remote workers are able to work from a different location while still fulfilling their work responsibilities. As workcations are becoming increasingly popular, there are also many benefits of taking workcations, especially in groups, in a form of company retreat.

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Workcations for teams

By nature, remote workers often work in isolation, without the benefit of the natural interactions that come from working in an office environment. This can be challenging for remote teams to build relationships and create a sense of camaraderie.

Remote workers also lack the non-verbal cues that come from face-to-face communication, which can add another layer of challenge in building trust and establishing effective communication. This is why taking occasional offline team building opportunities like workcations can be beneficial to increase team’s solidarity of remote teams. By working together in a new environment, remote workers have the opportunity to form stronger connections, build trust, and establish effective communication.

While employees’ can still maintain the flexibility of working remotely, team workcations  can be an excellent way to build and strengthen remote teams. When remote teams work together in a new environment, they have the opportunity to bond and form stronger connections. This can be particularly important for remote teams that may not have many opportunities to work together in person.

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What activities teams can do during workcations?

There are several ways that companies can utilize workcations to achieve this goal. One approach is to run hackathons or project sprints, which can encourage collaboration and creative problem solving among team members. These activities can help team members to bond over shared challenges and work towards a common goal.

Brainstorming board by product team

Another approach is to organize workshops, which can provide opportunities for team members to learn new skills or gain knowledge about a particular topic. This can help team members to feel more engaged and invested in their work, as well as provide a forum for sharing ideas and best practices.

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In addition to structured activities, companies can also incorporate casual team building sessions into their workcations. This can include activities such as team dinners, outings, or other social events. These types of activities can help team members to build relationships and get to know each other on a more personal level, which can strengthen team bonds and improve collaboration back in the office.

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