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How Remote Working Can Contribute to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Creating a DEI-friendly workplace by incorporating a diverse workforce, enforcing equity at work, and achieving inclusion to be embodied in the company culture is not easy. One of the main reasons as to why DEI hasn’t been widely implemented is mainly due to its relatively high cost. In order to create a DEI-friendly workplace, the company needs to allocate several resources as follows:

To create a diverse workforce, the company might need to accommodate relocations and inter-states or international employment.

To enforce equity, it requires a designated trained department to ensure the company complies with issues such as gender discrimination, people with disabilities, age, race, and faith, along with other
To achieve inclusion, all employees need to be culturally aware of their colleagues’ cultural backgrounds and behavior in the workplace, and be careful not to potentially cause offense.

Although not few tried to highlight all the benefits that DEI-friendly workplace could bring to the organization such as higher retention rates, increased authentic engagement, fostering a reputation, and more. However, the benefit of creating a DEI-friendly workplace for small medium enterprises (SMEs) and startups hardly matches the cost of investment, making this initiative can be supported only for a few resourceful organizations.  Fortunately, it’s not necessarily the case anymore, especially among remote working cultures. Here are several key points on how remote working can contribute to the diversity, inclusion, and equity within your organization.

Remove the barriers between talents and recruiters

It’s very obvious how remote working can increase the diversity within your organization. Working from anywhere removes the barriers and allows recruiters to tap into the global talent to source as many talents from every corner of the world. A diverse workplace is claimed to increase productivity credited to the wider variety of skills and capabilities available within the organization. Harvard Business Review also discussed how diversity at every management level has the potential to unlock innovations. 

Allow people with disability to have the equal opportunity to work

Many people with disabilities (PWD) often face more challenges going to work rather than performing the work. Aside from commuting, for companies to cater to people with disabilities, policies and the workplace environment and facilities need to be adjusted to make them feel included. For example, not every office building is equipped with a wheelchair ramp or braille signs. To cater these specific needs, often it translates into the cost of renovating the workplace which is not always feasible for most. By enabling a remote working policy, talents, especially PWD talents, can focus on delivering the performance and remove the unnecessary barriers to getting to work.

Help retain and sustain more talents

As we are slowly recovering from the pandemic, many employees, especially women are quitting to care for their loved ones. Outside the context of the pandemic, women often also carry a title as a mother to care for their children. Many women refuse to return to the workplace because the cost of childcare has risen. Not only women, men are also participating in the great resignation for their own reason. Creating a major talent scarcity everywhere around the world. The flexible working arrangements of remote working can help attract and retain talents, especially for working mothers and other groups that might need to care for their loved ones while working. 

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